Tara Ingham was raised in the middle of nowhere, Queensland, Australia, spending her days wandering the bush land and roaming through her day dreams.

Fascinated with myth and magic for as long as she can remember, she has spent most of her life off with the faeries, as her mother would say. She has a vivid memory of writing a twisted fairy tale in the third grade, wherein the gingerbread man was a pie and got eaten by a crocodile. But that’s a story for another time.

Growing up, she thought she’d become a vet. She had the brain and the passion, but the universe had other plans. On a cool autumn day, as her friends lay sleeping in the sun of a high school veranda, her writing career began. At 14, with a gasp and a shout, she demanded her sleeping friends retrieve for her a pen and paper, all the while rummaging through her bag to collect the items so she could madly scrawl the first chapter of her unpublished first manuscript in the dwindling hours of lunch.

Her friends weren’t particularly appreciative.

From there, her whole world changed. Dropping out of one mind-numbingly dull chemistry class, she enrolled in a university immersion program with Central Queensland University, finishing her first tertiary creative writing course with an 84% and immense frustration that a single 1% was all that stood between her and a High Distinction.

This was a frustration she would become familiar with in the years to follow as, at graduating high school, she moved to Brisbane and enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Griffith University, with masters in Journalism & Communication and Creative Writing & Literature. Of course, she chose the most cumbersome majors to recite the thousand times she was asked that inevitable question, ‘what are you studying?’

Despite the tongue twister, her study gifted her with knowledge and experience in everything from writing history, to editing for publication and even, surprisingly, how to write believable dialogue, courtesy of a Radio Journalism course.

But that’s not a story about Tara’s writing, is it? So, here’s the back fill. In January of 2011, Tara finished writing her first unpublished manuscript, by March of 2012 she’d finished her second, and in June 2013 she’d finished her third, just in time for her best friend (and biggest fan’s) birthday. That was her first series, and for a while she focused on writing for Uni, only writing for fun in dribs and drabs. But that wasn’t to last, for she graduated in 2014 and found her passion again, finishing what was to become her first published work, Once I Rise, in 2015.

I could go on to detail the rest, right up to the current moment, as she writes a new piece, but the tedium I feel would be too great. Suffice to say, Once I Rise set off a chain of events culminating in a three book series and the beginnings of a lifetime racing against the clock to take all the stories that are mashed inside her brain and put them on a page so she can share them all with you.

I’m certain, in time, this manifesto will grow, so stay tuned. Or maybe read one of Tara’s books to pass the time? It’s an honourable way to spend a day.

Happy reading.