A Walk with Darkness

I wrote this poem a while ago, though many would argue it’s not really a poem, or it’s a really bad poem because I can’t stick to a single style or follow poetic rules, but you know, I’m a novelist, not a poet. Anyway, I thought I’d finally share it, so here it is, A Walk with Darkness.

I have walked alongside darkness,

I chose to be it’s friend.

When it came a’calling,

I opened up my hand.

I chose to take a moment,

or maybe two or four,

to try to understand it,

this thing we all abhore.

I let it rest inside me,

while my dreams did fade away,

and carried it there with me,

as I journeyed day to day.

I have walked with darkness,

though the weight is ever so,

to try and hide behind it,

while my mood swung to and fro,

and in time I learned it,

a little truth I bear,

I’ll dane to share it with you,

if you truly care?

The darkness, it is lonely,

broken, ill content.

It seeks a little comfort,

and a little strength when lent,

and with a little kindness,

that darkness stops its growth,

for deep beneath the surface,

it’s someone we all know.

I have walked in darkness,

it has carried me from home,

but with a little patience,

it has slowly turned to hope,

and though it has long left me,

I smile fondly as I go,

for my time with darkness,

has taught me how to grow.

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