Once I Rebel

Coming November 30.

Mina knows who she was, who she is, and it’s time she learned who she’ll become.

Over two years have passed since Mina Hurley awoke as a revenant to discover she’d been murdered. Two years during which she’d been pursued, tortured and ultimately forced to become a hunter herself, tracking and apprehending the woman who had murdered her. She had hoped that would be the end of it, but now she knows better.

When Maat’s founder, Kesi, dismisses the Millennial council, ordering their capture and Mina’s, Mina is left with no choice but to run, no one to turn to but a rebellion she never wanted to be a part of. With Kesi’s fear threatening to tear apart the fragile stability of the supernatural world, Mina’s friends flock to her aid as they’re forced to fight a battle none might survive. With her friends’ lives at stake, how much is she willing to give to avoid falling into Kesi’s hands?

What will become of her if she fails?

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