Once I Rebel

Coming 2020.

Mina just wants peace, but Kesi has other ideas.

Slipping between shadows at the side of the hunter, Jethro, has become Mina Hurley’s norm in the months since capturing the woman who murdered her and returning to Maat headquarters, but she always knew the peace wouldn’t last. When Kesi dismisses the Millennial council, ordering their capture and Mina’s, she’s left with no choice but to run and none to turn to but a rebellion she doesn’t want to be a part of.

As her friends flock to Mina’s aid, Kesi’s suspicion threatens to tear apart the fragile peace of the supernatural world and forces her to lead an army into a war they may not survive, but is she really willing to risk the lives of everyone she cares about to avoid falling into Kesi’s hands?

Signed copies available for pre-order soon!